The company introduces advanced production technology and equipment at home and abroad.Main production equipment has to take three sets of horizontal continuous casting unit, casting a double-sided milling unit, 20 mill I2S companies in the United States, four high reversible roughing and finishing mill group a set of each, bell jar type 5 sets of bright annealing furnace, continuous vertical annealing furnace, a set of three sets of slitting unit, belt cleaning units and finished cleaning and passivation units a, a set of stretch bending straightening unit.

Company also is equipped with advanced testing instruments, mainly include: atomic absorption spectrophotometer, German photoelectric direct reading spectrometer, microcomputer control hydraulic tensile machine, video image display microhardness meter, semi-automatic cup drawing machine, digital camera metallographic microscope, etc.

Company in addition to the production of copper strip, also manufacture copper processing equipment, such as copper belt cleaning and polishing passivation units, copper strip stretch bending straightening units, large volume, high precision slitting units, spiral milling cutter grinding machine and other specialized equipment and copper alloy plate with billet horizontal continuous casting electromagnetic stirring device.