1. The four high finishing, reconstruction of roughing mill


The company in order to ensure the equipment in the domestic leading position, in addition to the purchase of foreign advanced equipment;On the other hand also use their own strong technical force, reform the old equipment, research and development of advanced equipment.

In 2004 the company on the rough, finishing mill group of AGC system upgrade, so thick control operation more convenient, higher precision;In the same year in December, the company also drive system of finishing the technological transformation, the simulation system to digital formats, to control more precise plate type, the production efficiency is greatly improved.

In May 2014, the company once again to the four roll finishing mill AGC system upgrading.

Company in 2004-2005 with dalian university of technology, research and development of advanced new technology of electromagnetic casting and successfully applied to the tin phosphor bronze with the industrialization of production, this technology by experts as "the first in our country, has reached the international advanced level".

2.20 improvement of finishing mill


In April 2014, the company completed the r&d transformation of twenty mill I2S companies in the United States.Including to the AGC system, transmission system, roll gap adjustment and system transformation.