Companies pay attention to scientific and technological innovation, and constantly develop new products, new technology and new technology.In 1999 developed a new packaging technology and packaging materials, ensure the quality of the product transportation safety, this new packing method to obtain the national patent.In 2004, my company and dalian university of technology in developing the copper and copper alloy plate with new technology of horizontal electromagnetic continuous casting billet, and in October 2005 by scientific and technological achievements appraisal of China nonferrous metals industry association, the technology application in July 2006 through the provincial examination, and has been to the country and the German patent.In July, 2006, our company developed the electromagnetic casting of high-performance tin phosphor bronze belt through the provincial new product appraisal.& other;Copper and copper alloy plate strip horizontal electromagnetic continuous casting technology & throughout;Won the second prize of science and technology in zhejiang province in 2006.


Adopts the patent technology in the production of copper strip, using electromagnetic technology modification during casting, solves the internationally recognized copper strip crack, peeling, segregation caused by unequal worldwide problem performance, the copper strip uniform grain size refinement, with higher flexibility and elongation, significantly improve the quality of the tin phosphor bronze belt, can replace similar imported products, opened a new field of materials.

In 2014, zhejiang bada copper again two alloy invention patent (the public)